In-home Newborn Session | DC Newborn Lifestyle Photographer


This is my favorite image from my session with Keosha and Michael. Keosha was sitting on the couch with her baby when Michael snuggled up and put his arms around her. While they smiled and cooed and flirted with baby, I snapped our first set of family portraits. I instantly fell in love with the way dad and mom were cradling their baby. To me it tells a story of partnership, family, love, and protection. 

I love the way the light and shadows play on their skin and the way the family comes out of the shadows. This kind of dramatic, emotive photography gives your mind something to chew on: "Where are they sitting? What are they doing." As a viewer, since the whole story isn't being told, we are able to imagine ourselves in the scene. It is the act of imagination that brings us back to that moment in a very emotional way.

I love the tangle of hands and arms and legs and feet and fingers. Baby is sweetly holding his momma's hand and papa has his arms around momma offering support and protection. Momma is holding both her boys' hands, and papa is holding the two people he treasures most.

Baby is wearing just a onsie and socks. I can relate, as can everyone else in DC in the middle of any summer: It is hot and humid and muggy. Too hot for clothes, really. But for goodness sake! Babies' feet get cold so put on socks!

Finally, baby was about two weeks old in this picture, but check out momma's beautiful nails. I'm betting she had those done before the baby was born, because who knows when there'll be time once baby comes. Remember all those details you thought about before your baby was born? Crib, car-seat, clothes, nursery decor, stroller, bottles, pediatrician, birth plan, meals, scrubbing toilets, washing floors, maternity leave, and, among hundreds of other things...getting your nails done. It is also a symbol of all the normal-life things that get set aside during the sleepless nights and endless days trying to figure out how to help this little bundle of love survive. 



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