Fresh 48 Hospital Session | Arlington Newborn Photographer

Tara Olson specializes in Fresh 48 newborn hospital sessions in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

There is always an image that takes my breath away, and for this session, it is this image.

To understand the full story, you need to know that Edyn is the third baby born to her parents, but she is the first to make it to term. Her mom, Kasi, has an “incompetent cervix,” which basically means that her cervix dilates prematurely … as in, when she is only 15-25 weeks pregnant. Kasi was pregnant twice and lost both healthy babies about halfway through each pregnancy. After her second loss, she and her husband, David, decided to try a “transabdominal cervical cerclage” procedure that permanently sewed her cervix closed. The procedure is generally very effective, and it worked for Kasi and David! Kasi was able to carry her baby to term and Edyn was born perfectly healthy via cesarean.

Edyn’s big brothers are DJ and Warren.

So you can see why this image captures my heart! I love how earnestly Edyn looks at her dad, and I love how David’s tattoo creates a subtle connection between Edyn and her brothers.