That was so fast!  And the pictures are beautiful! We all had a great time at our session.  My husband, who is not a big fan of having pictures ... even enjoyed our session and was excited to see how the photos turned out.  We really appreciated how flexible you were and how good you were with both kids :-)

We can't wait to share these with our friends and family and get them up on the walls!  Thank you so much!





Thank you so much, Tara! These are wonderful and exactly what I wanted captured!! Thanks again.


Stimson Family

We absolutely love our photos!  You were so easy to work with and you were great keeping Leah comfortable throughout the whole session. We will treasure these photos forever.



Wow. Just wow. So who is this person? A high-end professional infant photographer who does a little doula work on the side?

So what I can tell is that she came [in the afternoon], she shoots with a Nikon and two lenses. Also, that besides having excellent technical skills, she’s very artistic. I’ve been doing photography and learning photography and teaching photography for decades, but I learned a lot of new stuff in the 15 minutes I spent reviewing her photos.


Ashley & Jon

Tara is an amazing photographer. Getting four kids to engage in a photoshoot can be tricky, but she captured us all perfectly. She knew just how to pose us so that we looked nice, but not overly posed. She was easy to work with, and great with the kids. I absolutely love the photographs she took. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting beautiful family portraits.



If you are looking for an excellent photographer who will put you at ease while taking beautiful photographs, then Tara is the perfect choice. She is also reliable and efficient in getting the final product into your hands quickly. I'm 100% satisfied with my experience working with her and believe you will be too.



In addition to providing knowledge and comfort on the day of the birth, Tara took many photographs that we totally treasure. They’re not artificially bright or saccharine like many wedding or baby photos, nor are they awkwardly posed like many family portraits. They’re spontaneous, often serious, sometimes joyful—all beautifully authentic, uncomplicatedly moving.



Tara is the perfect mix of professional and relaxed. She works quickly without rushing, which is perfect for families with children. She also takes complete control of each shoot, so there's no milling around arguing about who should stand where. She brought out the best in all of us. We had a great time, totally stress-free (even in the heart of Georgetown during the holidays), and the pictures turned out beautifully.



Tara captured our family's photographs recently and it was an amazing experience. Tara is professional, relatable, kind, and connected to the entire process from pre-session planning through the photo delivery. Tara made my children laugh frequently and had a lot of patience which is necessary with two young boys in photographs on a very hot evening. Tara captured gorgeous photos of our family which we will proudly display and share for years to come. Thank you Tara!



Tara captured those special moments [from my birth] beautifully and tastefully.  Now I have those moments captured forever and so happy about that.