what you can expect

“We take photos as a return ticket
to a moment otherwise gone.” - ANONYMOUS

Real > Perfect

I'm going to be honest with you...I have no idea what kind of images we are going to capture during your session. The truth is, every session is unique.

My goal is to capture you and your family where you are right now...because, actually, you are not my primary client: your kids are. 

You'll be passing down prints and photo books from our session to your kids (and their kids) to rummage through, remember, and retell the stories about their growing-up years, about their mom and dad, about their siblings, and about what life was like "back then."

So while we will get a lot of laughter and love, we'll might also get some tears and angry looks. But that's ok....

...because to me, real is always better than perfect!

- Tara